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Custom Mosaic

Art is personal. Which is why, besides providing a curated selection of mosaics, we provide the option to customize everything from floor to wall art.  At ADM HOME SERVICES our skilled Brazilian artisans pride themselves on the ability to provide our clients with the premium service offering of handmade custom mosaics.

At Mosaic, we combine a high-end selection of mosaic art with our ability to:

    • Customize any of the mosaic design you should wish to change the size or color of the mosaic tiles to better suit your creative vision.
    • Create custom art from any image you provide.
    • Create complimentary art proofs to help you visualize your creation before it’s set in stone.
    • Customize mosaic materials: we give you the power to decide what materials make up your artwork (stone, marble, or glass).

Our commitment to quality, handset mosaic art means each piece comes with a lifetime warranty.

We offer only the finest in mosaic wall art and custom mosaics; handcrafted with hand-cut marble and glass tesserae to bring you unsurpassed quality in mosaic designs and patterns. Preserving the history mosaic in technique and application, we proudly uphold the rich heritage of over 3,000 years of mosaic art and craftsmanship while infusing traditional techniques associated with the mastery of mosaic design, interpretation, and assembly. Our 45 highly-skilled mosaic artisans are the original creators of each piece of handcrafted mosaic art, bringing immaculate precision, innovation, and design to the creation of mosaic floors borders and mosaic wall arts. 


Whether you’re in the market for one of our wildly popular mosaic wall art designs or looking for a bespoke mosaic, we offer an exclusive lifetime warranty that guarantees each mosaic has been expertly crafted to meet your standards. We offer the highest quality mosaic art available.